Outlook slows once addin installed

Nov 21, 2008 at 7:35 PM

Several of our users are making comments that Outlook (2003) seems more sluggish sicne the addin was installed.  Any ideas why?  How can we provide you with details?

Also several users have report that the Velodoc addin does not close on PC shutdown, they need to hit the end task button as windows is closing

Nov 22, 2008 at 4:32 PM
Edited Nov 25, 2008 at 8:49 AM
First the Add-In relies on a Microsoft layer called VSTO - Visual Studio Tool for Office, which loads into Outlook and provides a host for .NET add-ins. This layer may have an impact but  we can assume it is well optimized by Microsoft.

Second, the Velodoc Add-In implements a design which you can download from Microsoft web site with wrappers for Outllook Inspectors and MailItems. These wrappers are lean and should have little impact. Then the Add-in subscribes to a very limited number of  Outlook events, principally NewInpector, AttachmentAdd and Send:
  • NewInspector is used to keep track of opened inspectors and load the toolbar in each inpector window. There is a little delay before the toolbar displays in Outlook 2003 which gives an impression of slowness, but there is almost no code executed during this delay and Outlook is responsive in the meantime. In other words, your not prevented from writing email addresses, a subject and a body. Also this delay does not occur in Outlook 2007, so I think it is a VSTO 2005 SE thing;
  • AttachmentAdd is used to hook large attachments to inlude them in a package. This can be slow with very large attachments but only occurs when adding an attachment.
  • Send processes the package which is serialized and passed to the transfer controller for transfer. This can be slow when there is a large number of files to process in a package.
In theory, the add-in only significantly impacts the attachment of files and the sending of mails embedding a Velodoc package. As a consequence, one cannot notice a significant difference (with/without add-in) when sending regular emails (no package attached).

If you are not convinced, you can use Systernals' Process Monitor to get a better understanding of the impact with a trace which you can post here.

Concerning the Velodoc Add-In not closing on PC shutdown, there are two processes to consider:
  1. The VSTO Add-In runs in the Outlook process, and VSTO has really been designed to shutdown add-ins gracefully with the Outlook process. We have never experienced a case where the VSTO Add-In would delay or prevent Outlook from closing including on a PC shutdown;
  2. The Transfer Controller is a separate process which is closed separately. On closure, the Transfer Controller persists the list of transfers including pausing transfers in progress. The End Program dialog is displayed if a process does not close within a Windows timout. I can imagine that if the list of transfers displayed in the transfer controller is very long (hundreds of items) , this can occur. I have never experienced the End Program dialog with a few dozen items in the transfer controller list. I would consider best practice to purge the list from time to time using the Refresh button (red+green arrows). Note that transfers older than 14 days are automatically removed from the list.
Nov 25, 2008 at 10:19 PM

okay thanks